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So you have just used your new outer garment and it rained, it’s amazing how the water just ran off the surface and it breathed as the manufacturer said it would. This happens because of  the DWR (durable water repellent)  treatment that was applied during the manufacture of all waterproof garments. Over time,things like dirt, oil and normal household detergents will have  a detrimental effect to the DWR, causing the outside of the jacket to absorb water (wetting out) rather than run off.
Breathability, performance and comfort can be reduced by this “wetting out”, making the garment feel heavier, cold and wet to the touch. Storm’s cleaners remove dirt, oils and stains, without harming the DWR, making your garment work more like new again, unlike normal detergents,which can damage the DWR further.
Your garment will lose its DWR treatment over time due to general wear and tear; this can be seen on the garment by way of the wetting out occurring straight after a clean. Storm’s range of proofing products can restore the DWR to  its original performance.Storm’s proofing range uses the same technology that is used by major garment manufacturers in the production of their garments so will bond perfectly to existing treatments to restore performance,breathability and comfort.
To Heat or not to Heat 
You have the choice to select  Heat activated product (ECO+ proofer) or the Air curing proofer.
The Eco+ proofer offers increased levels of durability and performance and is seen to be the Ecological choice when it comes to DWR chemicals. 
However not all garments or users want to go through ironing or tumble drying their favourite outdoor garments, so the option is yours. 
When using Eco+products it isbest to line dry first until almost dry and then tumble.
This tumble should be at least 20 minutes on a low setting.
When using an iron, have a clean towel between the iron and the textile

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