Vango Folding Gas Stove

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Made with changeable British weather in mind, the Vango Folding Stove with windshield and Piezo will hold up to anything you throw at it.

  • The ultra-wide flame spreader allows you to cook large portions of food thoroughly and boils water in around 5 minutes.
    Part of The Scout Association and the D of E recommended kit
    Weight : 220g, 269g with storage box
    Open Dimensions : 7cm x ø17.4cm
    Folded Dimensions : 6cm x ø9cm
    Power : 2600W
    Gas Canister : Screw-on thread, butane / propane mix, recommended GoGas, Jetboil, Primus
    Burn Times : 110g - 35mins, 230g - 75mins, 450g - 145mins approx
    Water Boil Time : 1L in 5mins approx
    Features :
    Built in windshield, shelters flame from wind for increased efficiency, reducing cooking times
    Foldable to compact size for easy storage and transport
    Ideal for large pots, very stable and close to ground
    Storage box, orange plastic

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