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Helinox Chair One 2019

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The Helinox Chair One combines easy handling, low weight, unique look and lots of comfort. Includes a FREE Groundsheet / Footprint

  • Beach holiday, trekking tour, campervan trip, fishing or a back garden BBQ etc - the Chair One is the ultimate all-rounder
    The chair weighs 860g (excluding the carry case) and has a small pack size.
    The poles are linked by elastic cords, enabling them to "find" the right position and the chair almost self-assemblies
    The DAC aluminium poles have low weight, durability and deliver great stability
    Helinox seat has highly breathable mesh inlays on the back and sides for effective ventilation.
    Colour : Grey / Orange Frame
    Seat : Polyester / Nylon Mesh, polyester P600D & P210D
    Frame : DAC Aluminium,  TH72M AL & Engineering plastic
    Storage Bag : Nylon 
    Packaged Weight : 960g, 2.1lb
    Chair Weight : 890g, 2lb
    Frame Weight : 576g
    - Width 52cm, 20.5"
    - Depth 50cm, 19.7"
    - Height 66cm, 26.0"
    Seat Height from Ground : 35cm, 13.8"
    Packed Size :
    - Width 35cm, 13.8"
    - Depth 10cm, 3.9"
    - Height 12cm, 4.7"
    Capacity : 145kg, 22.8 stones
    Innovative design makes it easy to store 
    Quick set-up 
    Simple assembly with single-shock, corded-pole structure
    Advanced alloy DAC aluminum pole frame
    Durable 600-weave polyester seat
    Weather- and UV-resistant
    Backed by a five-year warranty
    The perfect accessory for uneven or soft ground. Our Ground Sheet snaps into each of the four legs of your chair and levels the load to prevent your chair legs from sinking into the ground.
    It'll fit snug to the CHAIR ONE
    Colour : Black
    Dimensions : 38.5 x 32 x 3cm, 15.2 x 12.6 x 1.2in
    Packed Dimensions : 24 x 15 x 6cm, 9.4 x 5.9 x 2.4in
    Weight : 140g
    Designed to work with the Chair One
    Chair footprint for use on sand or muddy ground
    Chair legs slide into corner pockets
    Center attachment secures to chair frame
    Folds for easy storage
    DAC TH72M Alloy Poles
    This advanced alloy provides maximum strength with minimum weight.
    Alloy segments acquire beautiful colour through a 'Green Anodising' process that is better for the environment.
    To guard against corrosion and preserve appearance, aluminium alloy components need to be anodised.
    Traditionally the anodising process involved boiling alloy components in a brew of nitric & phosphoric acids. 
    Long before ‘eco’ became a buzzword in the industry, DAC started trying to eliminate harmful nitric & phosphoric acids from the anodising process.
    After 8 years of trial and error, DAC perfected the Green Anodising’ system that is used to treat all Helinox products.
    A water recycling program in the anodising facility further reduces environmental impacts.
    The end result ensures longevity of TH72M alloy components while reducing negative impacts for both the environment and the people who manufacture your Helinox gear.

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