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Dalbello Panterra 100 Mens

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The Panterra 100 is designed for intermediate through advanced skiers looking for a wide range of adjustment features and comfort.

  • Its shell design incorporates improved cosmetics with a much lighter overall weight.
    Dalbello’s signature 3 Piece Cabrio design provides consistent flex and shock absorption combined with lateral power and rearward support.
    Contour 4 Fit Technology allows for a close, anatomical fit with allowing extra room at the key hot-spots many skiers encounter, while the VFF Fit System enables the forefoot width to be adjusted via the toe buckle.
    Centre Balanced “Rocker” Stance centers the skier over the sweet spot of the ski for more power and control with less effort.
    The Instant Fit Performance liner is thermo-formable after just a few minutes of heating by the shop, for an optional instant break in.
    Colour : Black / Acid Yellow
    Construction : Cabrio, a 3 piece construction - shell / cuff / tongue - that comfortably secures the foot and lower leg while optimising smooth and progressive flexibility. Dalbello’s Cabrio models provide the ultimate in responsive performance to ski your best.
    Flex : 100
    Last : 100-102 mm
    Material : Irfan
    Liner : IF Performer
    The IF Performance stands for immediate fit at the first step in and still giving the opportunity to fit 60% of the liner within 4 minutes.
    Its medium density ultralon foam ensures great performance and a comfortable fit.
    Buckle : FP-100 Alu-Micro, strong and lightweight alu buckles, ergonimically designed for easy use.
    Micro allows you to precisely “fine tune” buckle closure tension for a more exact fit. 
    Strap : Velcro 40mm
    Features : 
    My Fit, the Dalbello legendary fit got an upgrade in more than 60% of the boot range thanks to the My Fit System.
    As the most comprehensive fitting program, liner and shell can now be thermo customized in several levels additional to the pre-molded shell (Contour 4) which is included in every My Fit boot. To your individual specific needs of your foot - easy and quick!
    Contour 4, exclusive Dalbello construction technology that maps the anatomical contours of the foot. 
    Contour 4 creates subtle “comfort zones” at 4 critical fit points : ankle, heel, 5th metatarsal, & navicular.
    Relief contours molded into the inside lower shell at these 4 points provide a close and accurate fit and minimise the need for shell modifications

    Variable Volume Fit is an exclusive Dalbello Technology: Developed to permit skiers to regulate overall boot width from a range of 102 to 100mm.
    Low Cuff Hinge Point, the high leverage cuff assembly with hinge points mounted approimately 10cm lower than standard construction designs. 
    Permits the boot cuff to more easily follow the natural anatomic movement of the skier’s legs because it has a longer range of forward and rearward hinging motion. For more efficient walking and gliding. Increased power and control with less energy.

    Dynalink heel retention is an independently functioning heel / instep closure assembly which minimizes foot sliding, heel lift and boot shell distortion during the flex effectively.
    Modular rear boot cuff spoiler adapts the boot cuff to a variety of lower leg shapes.
    Spoiler Permits skiers to increase rear cuff height add rear support and change forward lean 
    This boot comes with the option to mount GripWalk soles as an aftermarket accessory.

    Ski & Hike mechanism as the burly cuff lock mechanism frees the upper cuff from the lower shell a long range of motion for functional hiking and climbing is guaranteed. Due to the unique Cabrio design it doesn't contain any compromises on the skiing performance.
    Dura-Grip Replaceable Toes / Heels
    Flex Control, boot forward flex characteristics may be adjusted to suit skier’s weight, skill level, and snow conditions.
    Macro Rack Extension Feature, extra wide cuff buckle catch can be easily moved into 1 of 3 positions (total range = 30mm) without tools, enhancing the cuff fitting capabilities for a wide variety of leg circumferences and shapes.
    Canting (Shaft Alignment)
    Quick macro Cuff Rack Extension (Tool Free)
    Inverted forefoot buckle, forefoot closure buckle (above instep) are inverted to close on top of the bootshell, not on the side. The top closure positioning prevents buckle breakage and bending during rail slides, grinds, falls, and transitions
    Cuff Movement (Fore 24“ / Back 9”)
    Optional Extra Only - This boot comes with the option to mount GripWalk soles as an aftermarket accessory.
    GripWalk soles provide better grip, great walking comfort and work perfectly with the GripWalk binding without any height adjustment (due to their Touring ISO Norm 9523).

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