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DMM Dynatec 8mm Sling Pack 2x60cm 2x120cm 1x240cm

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These DMM thin 8mm Dynatec slings are just as strong as their thicker variants.

  • They can be used for narrow thread protection and to generally reduce weight
     Product Code 
      Dynatec 8mm Sling (open) - 5 Pack  
      2 x 60cm / 2 x 120cm / 1/240   
    Dynatec sling (open)
     1 x 60cm
    Dynatec sling (open)
    2 x 120cm
    Dynatec sling (open)    Green 1 x 240cm 22kN
    Info from DMM
    Nylon (polyamide) and Dyneema®/Spectra®/Dynatec (polyethylene) are two synthetic raw materials with distinct strengths and weaknesses used in the manufacture of slings and quickdraws.
    Understanding the properties of these man-made fibres will guide us to best practice at the crag for using such products.
    While Dyneema® has a much greater strength-weight ratio (static load) than nylon, its elasticity is far less.
    Dyneema® has a strength to weight ratio higher than not just nylon but also steel, a significantly higher resistance to cutting and lower water absorbtion (important in winter), making it an ideal material for slings and quickdraws.
    It is also more resistant to ultra-violet rays and chemical attack than nylon but has a lower melting point.
    This is an important factor to consider when abseiling - pulling a rope through a Dyneema® sling, say as in poor abseiling practice, will generate enough heat to severely weaken the sling, if not melt through it.
    It's knowing these properties and making an informed choice according to your needs as a climber that is important.
    Clearly, taking advantage of the shock-absorbing capability of the rope by using it to tie directly into anchors as opposed to using a sling, will reduce the chances of dramatically shock-loading the anchors.
    If you do use slings then ensuring there is no slack in the system is paramount.
    It is also important to bear in mind that the characteristics of slings and quickdraws are also affected by the weave and blending of fibres, purposefully used to achieve particular handling qualities.
    Dyneema® slings are in fact usually a blend of nylon and Dyneema® fibres.

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